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Belki Yes! Belki No!
“Much media attention has accompanied the May release of Andy Clayburn and Paul Dwyer’s album “Belki Yes! Belki No!” (Could Be Yes! Could Be No!) on the Göksoy label. No wonder.
While many Turkish pop stars would give an arm and a leg to win a foreign record deal and would sing in English to gain international acceptance, these two Brits fled a deal with Sony Germany to work from Istanbul and sing in Turkish on five of their album’s eleven tracks.
Classical guitar graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, Clayburn and Dwyer (known locally as “Endi ve Pol”) arrived here seven years ago to play at the Istanbul Hilton. Since then, they have produced two albums for Zülfü Livaneli and two for his daughter, Aylin.
Clayburn and Dwyer’s own album, the primarily acoustic “Belki Yes! Belki No!”, features their superb musicianship, along with that of Cetin Akdeniz (on bag˘lama and cura saz, traditional stringed instruments) and Ercan Irmak (on ney and Anatolian reed flute). “We wanted to expand the sound with Turkish influences”, Dwyer says. “Simon and Garfunkel meets the Orient”, Clayburn adds, with mild embarrassment.
But however one describes it, independent observers agree that the pair has succeeded in producing a lively blend of musical cultures. And in doing so, Clayburn and Dwyer have amply repaid their debt to Turkish music by contributing two elements that are virtually absent from the tired local scene: creativity and a self-deprecating sense of humor.”

'Billboard Magazine, June 8th, 1996
Article written by Adrian Higgs, edited by David Sinclair
1996 - Göksoy
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4.19 Lyrics
2. Belki Yes, Belki No! 4.02 Lyrics
3. Sende Gelsen 4.17 Lyrics
4. Yerde Kalmaz 5.26
5. Bosna 6.54 Lyrics
6. a) Yout Got Me! 4.43 Lyrics
  b) Son Bahar – Autumn (instrumental) 1.49
  c) One More Time 4.16 Lyrics
7. Heaven 5.26 Lyrics
8. a) Bunji Blooz (instrumental) 1.56
  b) Dirty Old Bar 3.44 Lyrics
  c) Shout! 5.54
9. Bosnia 6.54 Lyrics
10. Could be Yes! Could be No! 4.03 Lyrics
11. Istanbul (english) 4.19 Lyrics
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   ya bugün ya da yarın
Unfinished Business
The Graduates
Istanbul @ Yahoo! Video
Sende Gelsen @ Yahoo! Video
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