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Andy from Yorkshire and Paul from Liverpool, both started learning Classical guitar at a young age.
They later met and became good friends whilst furthering their studies at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music, where they also received master-classes from the guitar legend John Williams.

After graduating they toured as a duo, all over the UK, and also in Europe and Asia, afterwards arriving in Istanbul to perform for 3 months. “We had no idea what to expect when we first came here”, says Paul, “but we instantly fell in love with the place”. Andy adds “the people, the culture, the music, the food, the climate, and such a fascinating melting pot of ideas and trends

“To be performing, writing and recording all the time” says Andy, “Istanbul is a truly inspiring city”.

Over the next several years, they played at many of Istanbul's foremost venues, ranging from rock clubs and jazz bars to beach clubs and amphitheaters. From Istanbul to Ankara, Edirne to Antalya, Fethiye to Pamukkale, Bursa to Izmir and Efesus to Kayseri!

In 1991 they secured a deal with Sony Music in Germany, producing 2 albums and 3 radio hits, many radio show appearances, and a tour in Germany with Suzanne Vega.

Shortly afterwards Andy and Paul also co-wrote and co-produced several albums with other Turkish artists, notably the Turkish music icon Zülfü Livaneli.

“A very productive musical situation” says Paul, “constantly in the studio with all these incredibly talented Turkish musicians, recording, chatting, arranging, and trying out new ideas and sound combinations. Without realizing it we were being magically influenced by all the new frequencies and sounds that we were surrounded by”.

In 1996, they wrote and released their own album, ‘Belki Yes! Belki No!’ singing in Turkish and English. The album received great reviews in the media and also in the international Billboard Magazine.

Always searching for inspiration and expanding their horizons, Paul formed his own music production company in Istanbul, composing for TV and film, as well as writing and recording with other Turkish artists. Andy continued writing and performing both in New York City and Europe.

This change of scene provided a wealth of ideas and inspiration for both Andy and Paul, and their new and much anticipated Endipol album, ‘ya bugün yada yarın’, (“either today or tomorrow”) is now available.

Recorded in Paul’s own S.M.P. Studio in Istanbul, and also at ‘Bronx T Studio’ in New York. Featured on the album are New York City musicians Isaac Alderton (Uilleann Pipes and Irish Flute), Phil Cimino (drums), Jon Loyd (Keyboards), and Siobhan Moore (Irish Bodhran), and from İstanbul, Ömer Arslan (percussion), Cenk Kalburcu (bağlama) and Ercan Irmak (Ney).

The new album is a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining collection of songs, featuring authentic instruments from Ireland and Turkey, with special guest performances from Turkish artists Ali Rıza Binboğa, Fuat Güner, İlhan Şeşen, Kubat, Sarper Semiz and Zülfü Livaneli.  

Their own original compositions and unique style, side by side with sparkling versions of the classic Black Sea folk song, “Ben Seni Sevdiğimi’, I˙lhan S¸es¸en’s ‘Ellerimde Çiçekler’ and Ali Rıza Binboğa’s ‘Baharım Sensin’, has produced a wondrous musical bridge spanning 3 continents. 

Kendi bestelerinin yanı sıra, unutulmaz şarkılar arasında yerlerini alan; 'ben seni sevduğumi', 'ellerimde çiçekler' ve 'baharım sensin’ parçalarını da kendilerine has tarzlarıyla yorumlayan EndiPol; tamamen Türk ezgileriyle donanmış şarkılara, farklı bir dünya soundu getirmeyi başarıyor.

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